Year 6 gymnastics 

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Today, we peformed a great performance. In the lesson, we started of by doing exercises and later got into our group and prepared our routines. After many minutes of hardwork we came to a close of rehearsing and performed to the rest of the class.


Chester Zoo 

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Today our class has visited Chester zoo we saw a lot of animals such as monkeys,penguins and elephants. There were a lot of activities to participate in during our class trip. Shawn who was our instructor taught us about fish,mammals,birds,reptiles and amphibians.We saw elephants that had to baby’s that were born three days ago and a week ago.The monkeys where hanging down form a rope eating the delicious food.There were lots of lizards that where jumping from tree to tree(it was really fun to see).It was a fun day. 

By Ola M and Teoni P.

Year 6 First Aid Course

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This afternoon year 6 learned first aid. We learned the recovery position, how to put a bandage on a bad cut, what to do when somebody has a heart attack but we think the most important thing was how to do CPR .We found it very useful and have learned a lot of life skills .

M & L 

Rosh Hashanah

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imageimageAs part of ‘ Other Faiths Week’, we looked at the Jewish celebration of Rosh Hashanah. As part of their NewYear celebrations they eat sweet treats such as apples dipped in honey. We tried them ourselves and most of the children enjoyed it.

Referee for a day!

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Today we were very lucky to have Jason Jarrett , who is an ex Wigan  Athletic player, in school to carry out a workshop about refereeing. Since retiring from football, Jason  has joined the Lancashire Football Association as a referee.The children had chance to referee some games and gained a good understanding of refereeing as a career. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. imageimageimageimage Continue reading

Easter Egg Hunt!

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Congratultaions to Charlotte & Reece who have been recognised as true ambassadors of our school’s aim: Aspire to be the best we can be.

To celebrate their achievement they were invited to join Mrs Ellis on an Easter Egg Hunt.

“It was great fun running around looking for eggs,” said Reece.